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Wound Worthy

Sunny Days - Wound Worthy Ultra Gentle Bandages

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Our ultra sensitive bandages are great for mature, thin, crepe skin which can tear from traditional bandages.  For those who have allergies, it is latex free and hypoallergenic.  Our colorful designs help to bring cheer the healing process.  

Presale Live Now -> Estimated to ship in mid-December.

Highly breathable materials

Ultra-gentle, safe and effective adhesives

12 bandages of each design

Ships Worldwide See shipping info

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Application Instructions

How To Apply

First remove the patch from the protective pouch. Then carefully peel off the adhesive covers on the back. Gently align along the sides of the eye. Use two fingers to rub around the edges to ensure a snug fit.

How to Remove

Start at either side of the eye and carefully peel back part of the patch. Use one finger to follow the edge as you pull off the patch. The gentle adhesive helps with quick and painless removal.