Our mission is to make a tough time easier.
We make products to make a difficult journey better!

- Paige Brattin, Founder + CEO


The only adhesive patch that makes port wearing more comfortable.

Our philosophy

We know having a port can be sensitive after treatment, become irritated, rub on bras, or need ointment on it that needs to be covered to protect clothing.

We have just the product to help alleviate those discomforts. Cancer and other medical conditions are stressful enough – your port should not be another irritant.

Why our products?

Good for you

Our patches are safe: sterile, FDA, and CE certified.

Made to perform

Medical grade, hypoallergenic, latex-free, and gluten-free. No added antimicrobials.

Better than a band-aid

Our patches are offered in white or with fun designs to brighten your day.

“As a Mom of a recovered pediatric cancer patient, I am delighted that Port Worthy patches are available for cancer patients with ports. Protecting our active daughter’s port while she was in treatment was always a challenge. Port Worthy patches design and gentle adhesive are perfectly suited to cover the port before access to hold on the numbing agent and after access from rubbing on clothing etc. So much better than using Press and Seal Saran Wrap !”

-Jill Henderson

About Port Worthy

I innovated and patented an adhesive eye patch for children with amblyopia, who fight blindness, as my daughter had this eye condition. I spent years developing a patch so the adhesive would be gentle on the most sensitive skin, a baby’s eye. As corrective eye treatment, patients wear this daily for several years, so making sure the adhesive would not be harmful or pull at skin was paramount.  

Years later, my father was undergoing chemo never complaining about the burdens his port caused him. I asked him about his port after I learned others were using my patches for this purpose. He explained how he tried hundreds of dollars worth of products from the drug store and none worked. I suggested he try my patches and he too found it to be the only product that worked... and did not pull out chest hairs! The patch is the precise size needed and gentle enough to not disrupt the medical port when used or removed.

As there has been no product on the market to cover a port, See Worthy patches has now created its sister company, Port Worthy - a chemo port cover. Our mission has always been to make a challenging time better and easier, now we can do that in more than one way. First, inspired by my daughter and her fight for sight, and now inspired by my Dad and his fight to beat lymphoma.

And just like See Worthy, Port Worthy will give a portion of proceeds to Swim Across America.

- Paige Brattin, Founder + CEO

You may be living differently while undergoing medical treatment, but we're here to make sure you're living with comfort and ease.


The only adhesive patch that makes port wearing more comfortable! White is available now and more designs are coming soon!


The only adhesive patch that makes port wearing more comfortable! White is available now and more designs are coming soon!

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